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Our mission is to consciously use emerging technology and media to empower local communities to share and preserve envriomental, spiritual and cultural wisdom.



Creative director

Daniel Bury is a writer and director specializing in the marriage between cutting-edge emerging technology, environmentalism, human culture and spirituality. In addition to traditional film, Daniel pioneers storytelling in innovative new mediums such as virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive content. Daniel’s most recent VR works Yawarani and Night Becomes Day focus on community-created VR films with indigenous and refugee communities. He began his exploration with VR and XR in 2015 at Rapid Films in Sydney, Australia while working on branded VR experiences for Samsung, Oculus and Lexus. He is a first place winner of the Google XR Jam for his team’s volumetric VR experience Appease the Gods. As a public speaker, he has given presentations and panels around the world, including immersive storytelling panels at Cannes Film Festival. His traditional films have won awards at countless film festivals, such as Phoenix Film Festival, Fantastic Planet Film Festival and ITVFest. He graduated from Chapman University in Southern California for directing and digital arts and was a recipient of the Talent Scholarship.

executive director

Adam Newman is dedicated to cultivating sustainable ecosystems of innovation and entrepreneurship in low-income communities throughout the world. I am a global citizen and as such sees his role to be a bridge-builder that connects complementary ecosystems, Scarcity –> Abundance, Students –> Teachers, Hate–> Love. After studying Business Entrepreneurship in the United States he made the bold move to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil… a country he had never been to, a language I didn’t speak, a land where I didn’t know anyone. 7 years later, 4 failed businesses, and an infinite amount of learning experiences Adam finds himself living in the favela community of Vidigal working to build a social impact tourism company Favela Experience and cultivate hubs of social innovation through his non-profit, Favela Inc. His goal is to create and support ecosystems of innovation within favelas, connected to city-wide, national and international-level networks of resources, expertise, and opportunities. You can find Adam in a waterfall, at the top of a mountain at the beach, or studying plant medicine, holistic healing, and shamanism.

About the film

The community in Yawarani have set out to immortalize their culture in film and virtual reality to create documentaries to educate their youth, as well as broadcast their beautiful, sustainable lifestyle to the outside world. Throughout the creation of this piece, we hosted workshops in Yawarani to teach indigenous creators all stages of the VR and film production process, including the screenwriting, camera operation, scene design, post production and editing. The end result is a virtual reality film made by indigenous creators to preserve and share their culture.

The team

Daniel Bury

Adam Newman
Julia Taina

Rafael Cardoso

Rhoque Yawanawa
Renata Yawanawa
Nani Yawanawa

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OUR past

Our past

The beauty of the stunning golden temples throughout Myanmar (Burma) is reflected in the the poetry of the people. In this fascinating country, revolutionary poet U Kyi Thaw was imprisoned by a cruel military dictatorship for many years for reciting poetry at underground gatherings in the 90s. today, U Kyi Thaw decides to risk everything again. Embark on a journey around Myanmar with U Kyi Thaw while on his quest to spread love and peace with his poems.

Among the highest mountains in the world, Daniel befriends a man named Hari Roka on the bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara. Among the highest mountains in the world, Daniel befriends a man named Hari Roka on the bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara. Together, they embark on an adventurous trek through the heights of the Himalayas to Hari’s home in the earthquake epicenter Gorkha, where they come face to face with devastated people who must rebuild their homes and their hearts.

Trek through the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu before embarking on a cosmic journey through the country in search of the wisdom of the Incas. fFrom the awe-inspiring Nazca lines to ancient star-gates, Peru is covered relics from the past. Then, join Daniel as he connects with locals who have passed down ancient traditions, from the floating villages of Lake Titicaca to indigenous ceremonies in the sacred valley, where life dances among the dead in a moment that can last an eternity.

From the concrete jungle of Brazil's infamous favelas to the natural beauty of the amazon jungle, a powerful spirit thrives throughout Brazil. Join Daniel as he travels deep into the Amazon in search of enlightenment with indigenous plant medicines, culminating in a psychadelic virtual reality experience that mirrors the thriving heartbeat of Brazil's spirit.

In the Sahara Desert and Atlas Mountains, the Berber nomads live off the land to retain their freedom. However, some nomads move to the cities for a better life. But what are they giving up in return? Embark on a journey around Morocco's stunning landscape and awe-inspiring cities as you follow the journey of the nomads.

Tourists flock to the paradise of the philippines with crystal clear waters and gorgeous beaches. Travel north to participate in indigenous rituals with ancestors of headhunters. And, afterwards, you'll enter a garbage dump where the entire economy of the community is based on scavenging through garbage. In the Philippines, sometimes paradise is a distant dream.

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OUR Present

Our present

Yawarani is a VR180 film created in collaboration with the indigenous community in Yawarani to preserve their sacred culture and the wisdom of their elders.

In this volumetric and interactive VR experience, teleport through several breathtaking virtual worlds where you must appease the gods to ascend to nirvana.

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OUR Future

Our future

Favela stories is a platform of VR stories created by local communities that showcase the beauty and vibrant soul of Brazil’s underrepresented favelas.

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